Patient Information


Prior to scheduling an appointment, our office will contact you to screen for qualifying conditions and to ensure there are medical records that support the qualifying condition(s).

Accepted patients will be seen by Shawn Chopra, M.D., a certified physician with the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana who can recommend the use of low-dose THC or high-dose CBD products, including medical cannabis. Dr. Chopra discuss the benefits and risks associated with medical cannabis treatment and determine whether it may be an effective alternative option to traditional therapy.

Many patients also use medical cannabis to reduce their dependence on addictive/harmful opioids and narcotics, sometimes eliminating the need for these types of medications altogether by providing a more natural alternative.

After meeting with patients to discuss their options, Dr. Chopra will design a comprehensive treatment plan including proper dosage and method of con- sumption for each qualified patient that is unique to their specific condition.


  • Complete up-to-date medical records sent to Dr. Chopra prior to your initial visit
  • Confirm we have medical records or bring them with you to the first visit
  • Must be a Florida resident with valid state ID or proof that you live in Florida three months out of the year
  • Fill out new patient registration and consent forms prior to your visit and bring them to your appointment. Forms can be found on our site.
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